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Sunday, July 4, 2010

എ ആര്‍ റഹ്മാന്‍ സ്റ്റുഡിയോ..

......Its Rehman's New Studio.....

A.M. Studio
Mr. A.R. Rahman
Chennai, India
A.M. Studio
Music Recording and Mixing
Film Mixing
The building process was started several years before Sound Wizard was approached to take full charge of the project. We restarted almost from scratch and with the active collaboration of Studio 440 from Los Angeles, managed to complete the project within 9 months.
This recording studio is interesting because of the flexibility it offers for music recording and film mixing, thanks to variable acoustics. The control room has a large bay window offering full view of the big screen in the mix stage.
The recording area, which doubles as a mix stage, can accommodate up to 30 musicians for large recordings. There are also two additional isolation booths with large glass sliding doors, offering easy viewing to and from the main recording area.
Most acoustical treatment was done using specially imported RPG diffusers and clouds, and also high quality Maharam fabrics, giving the facility a very roomy feeling.
"Heard some songs in the music room. Congrats! The studio feels good. Alhamdulilla! I know you guys are going to tweak to get it perfect. Just wanted to let you know what I felt."- AR Rahman

35m2-380ft2 control room
mix stage / record space
2 isolation booths
2 machine rooms
One lobby
Control room
7.1 monitoring
3 x Dynaudio M4+
4 x Dynaudio BM15
2 x Dynaudio 18"
Chord SPA
XTA DP226 & DP224
Neve 88R mixing board
Protools HD3 system
Pyramix system
MOTU 896 interface
Mix stage
7.1 monitoring
3 x Tesseract MPTS-1
8 x JBL 8340
4 x Bag End Infrasub-18
Bryston 9B & 4B SST
TMH Bass man
Ashly 424Gs & 224GS
Euphonix System 5
Euphonix R1 recorder
Pro Tools HD3
Dolby Processor CP650
DTS Processor
Stewart Filmscreen 21ft
DPI Mercury HD projector
TMH certification
Project management &
Acoustical consulting:

Sound Wizard
Architecture & design:
Studio 440 - L.A.
Wiring & integration:
Studio Care - Chennai
New Dawn Carpentry

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